How can smart social shoppers be smarter this holiday

Shopping for gifts on Amazon?

Chances are it will take you a reasonable amount of time to ponder things before you decide to buy. You’re a smart shopper: why pay your full arm for that shiny new iPad when many items on Amazon change prices throughout the day, and there’s a chance to get it at a nice bargain a bit later?

But why also spend time checking your wish list every day, anxiously praying and waiting for the price to drop and hoping that the product you want doesn’t sell out?

We’re pleased to announce that Social Assistant and Social Wish List now includes a new price tracking feature.

Whether it’s for yourself or for a friend, you can now save time and save money on items that are in your social wish list.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Login to Social Wish List or Social Assistant.
  2. Find new gift ideas and add them to your wish list or to your friend’s wish list.
  3. Receive price alerts by email and on Facebook and start saving time and money
  4. Share with friends and family to split costs for group gifts or simply track item together

When prices are down, there’s obviously bargains and good deals to be had. When prices are up, it’s a good indication that products are running out of inventory and less merchant compete: you should go get them – if the price is still reasonable – before they sell out.

Social Assistant and Social Wish List are available online right now. They are part of the Symbyoz platform suite of free apps for meaningful social interactions.

Social Wish List is a standalone Facebook application and you need a Facebook account to sign in. But you can sign in to Social Assistant with a simple Email and Password.

If you decide to use Social Assistant, you will have to go to your profile to add and track items on your wish list, and you will have to add your friends and go to their profiles to track items on their wish list.