How Americans Are Keeping In Touch

At Symbyoz we’re passionate about finding the smartest ways for people to keep in touch. Yes, we believe it’s that important.

A good way to do that is to listen and learn. We’re constantly listening and  learning to understand how people do keep in touch and nurture their social links, and we’re obsessing about finding ways to make it easier, better, smarter.

Recently, we conducted a survey to find out how Americans keep in touch with their friends and family and important connections. Surveyed people had the option to pick several tools or services to keep in touch. We also asked how important it was to them, and how they rate themselves.

Long story short, the survey confirms that keeping in touch is a major driver for most people, that Email and Facebook are their tools of choice, and that they don’t feel particularly good nor particularly bad about how they manage to stay in touch.



So, women are mostly using Facebook, and men are mostly using their email.

SMS/Phone is only a solid 3rd. Who knew?

While very useful for connecting to find a job or spot a skilled profesional, LinkedIn is not the medium of choice for nurturing relationships.

Google+ still has a long way to go, but is already doing better than LinkedIn. Not bad for a youngster.

So, how important is it for Americans to keep in touch?


While a large majority of the population said that keeping in touch with friends, familly, and important connections is very important, women and young people seems to care more than middle age men.

What’s up with middle age men? If you have a clue, please share.

How do Americans rate themselves for keeping in touch?

There’s an interesting correlation between the income level and the self satisfaction with nurturing social links.

Overall, Americans feels mediocre/pretty average at keeping in touch with their friends, familly and important connections.

We are more connected to each other than ever before. It’s amazing that we still aren’t all feeling great about how well we keep in touch.

We are changing that with Symbyoz.