Social networks not social anymore?

An article on Hindustan Times is analyzing data from a recent Pew survey about the increasing activity around managing privacy on social networks.

More privacy and reputation management on social networking sites

The article question whether social networks are social anymore, since the trend seems to be now to prune our friends lists and sanitize our profiles. There’s an argument to be made as to whether people are taking social media too seriously.

As social networks are taking a bigger part in our daily routines, it’s a positive trend that people are starting to be more careful about what they post and who they add. We’ve been thinking and working for a while now on making it easier for people to manage their network, and focus on what and who is important. It’s not a simple task.

Privacy Concerns
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It may be counter-intuitive, especially for Mark Zuckerberg’s followers who believe that social is all about being open and transparent. But this is actually necessary to keep social networking more “social”.

Otherwise people may eventually shy away from having real meaningful and mutually beneficial conversations.